The Phoenix Foundation - Evolution Did Music Video (2013)

I composited and animated for this video. Check out that cloud dispersing ... divine. skyranch

Beastwars - Dune Music Video (2013)

I composited and animated for this video. It stars me as a time adventurer. I also animated myself weeing. skyranch

The Golden Awesome - Autumn Music Video (2013)

I made some generative coding for the trees and matchmoved in this video. skyranch

Hook Ups - Animated Cartoon Series (2013)

I animated and developed the animation workflow for this ten episode series. skyranch & fumes

The Ruby Suns - In Real Life Music Video (2013)

I did a bunch of modelling, animating and compositing in this video.

Princess Chelsea - Frack Music Video (2012)

I did a lot of animation and came up with a tracked suit for this video.

Lawrence Arabia - Listening Times Music Video (2012)

In this video I did some animation and composited the new camera footage to match the old camera footage.

Golden Axe - Space Fire Music Video (2012)

I did a lot of compositing and animation in this video. I also shot the underwater footage.

Disasteradio - Drop the Bomb Music Video (2012)

I am the barman in this video, I also did a bunch of the visual effects. How about that acting though.

Disasteradio - Gravy Rainbow Music Video (2011)

This music video was directed by Simon Ward, I helped out with rotoscoping and animation. Puppets and Illustrations by Don Brooker, animation by Luke Rowell and Greg.

48hours promo (2010)

Ant Timpson asked me to make an animation to promote registration for the 48hours film competition.
The video has a combination of analog and digital distortion, everything you donít want to happen when you are making a film in 48 hours.